Now that I have a website with unlimited pages, it is time to start adding details from war memorials from other Welsh counties. Obviously, this is a lot of work and will take a long time, but having researched a Welsh roll of honour for the Great War whilst writing my three volume book “The Welsh at War”, it is a shame not to use the material to commemorate men and women from some of the other counties of Wales who fell.

This roll of honour will be utilised to research and write up other war memorials and as soon as they are completed, they will be added onto the website under the relevent county sub-page.

To begin with I shall be adding details of war memorials in some of the more rural counties, such as Breconshire, Merionethshire and Montgomeryshire, plus the Glamorgan war memorials which I already had on the website have been added under this sub-section.

Please keep checking back regularly, as more memorials, possibly other counties, will be added as time permits.