St. David’s Cathedral lies on the St. David’s Peninsula, the most westerly point of Wales, and is probably the most Holy site in Wales. The site was originally the location of a monastic community which was founded by Saint David, who died in 589AD. Throughout the Dark Ages the community was attacked by raiders, most notably the Vikings, but it was a religious site of such standing that King Alfred the Great knew of it and, indeed, the community of St. David’s helped rebuild religious communities in Wessex.

In 1081 St. David’s was visited by William the Conqueror, who came to pray and it was William’s fourth son, King Henry I, who appointed Bishop Bernard as Bishop of St Davids, thus beginning a new era, culminating in the building of a new cathedral. In 1123, Pope Calixtus II granted Bishop Bernard’s request to bestow a papal privilege upon St Davids, making it a centre of pilgrimage. The Pope decreed that ‘Two pilgrimages to St Davids is equal to one to Rome, and three pilgrimages to one to Jerusalem’.

The popularity of St. David’s soon outstripped the size of the Cathedral and in 1181, work began on building the Cathedral we see today.

The Cathedral thrived during the coming years and when Greyfriars Monastery in Carmarthen was dissolved, the remains of Edmund Tudor, Earl of Richmond and father of Henry VII, was brought to be entombed in front of the high altar.

The Civil War was to bring great strife to St. David’s as a result of Oliver Cromwell’s work and his soldiers wrought great damage upon its building before stripping the lead from the roof of the neighbouring Bishop’s Palace.

The Welsh architect John Nash was commissioned to restore the west front in 1793 to repair the damage done by Cromwell’s men, but the work was of poor standard and the entire Cathedral was restored by George Gilbert Scott between 1862 and 1870.

The Cathedral contains a large number of memorials under its roof, which include a number of various memorials relating to both World Wars. This page serves to commemorate the men named on the St. David’s Parishioners War Memorial, a framed parchment scroll which was commissioned before the end of the Great War to commemorate all of its Parishioners who served. Some of these were to lose their lives and are marked as such on the parchment, but at least one man died after it was made, so his death is not noted by his name.

The scroll contains three sections. The header contains the names of ‘those past and present prebendaries and other officials of the Cathedral and of their sons, who are serving their country.’ At the top of the list are the names of King George V’s two sons, who sent a letter to the Cathedral granting special permission for his sons names to be added to the memorial.

The three lower columns contain the names of the Parishioners who served. These are oddly spaced, with uneven numbers in each column, so may appear a bit odd below, but it is as the parchment is laid out.

St. David’s Parishioners Roll of Honour, 1914-1919

Captain, His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, K.G., Grenadier Guards
Lieutenant, His Royal Highness the Prince Albert, K.G., R.N.
Bebb, John Basil Mountford, Capt. R.E. (Wounded) Howell, Arthur Anthony, C.M.G., Brig-Gen. London Reserve Brigade (Dead) Owen, John Peredur, Lieut., Royal Welsh Fusiliers M.C.
Bevan, The Right Rev. E.L. D.D. (Chaplain) Jones, Rev Canon J. H. W., M.A. (Chaplain) Priestman, C. C., 2nd Lieut., Durham Light Infantry
Davies, Rev D. Sinnett L., B.A. (Chaplain) Jones, William Basil Loxdale, Flight Observer R.N. (Drowned) Smith, Henry Faithfull, M.D., Lieut., R.A.M.C.
Evans, Arthur Basil George, 2nd Lieut South Wales Borderers Lloyd, Charles Geoffrey, Capt., Supply & Transport Corps Smith, Rev. Canon M. L., D.D., Senior Chaplain, 30th Division. D.S.O.
Green, Sebald Walter Bluett, Lieut-Commander, R.N. Mason, Fred, Lieut., Artists’ Rifles Spurrell, Walter Oliver, Lieut-Commander, R.N.
Green, Sebert Francis St. Davids, Col., R.A.M.C. Owen, Andrew Geraint J., Lieut., Welsh M.C. (Wounded) Williams, George Edgar P., Lieut., South Wales Borderers
Green, Wilfreth Gerald Key, Lieut-Col., 36th Jacob’s Horse. D.S.O. Owen, David Illtyd, 2nd Lieut., R.W.F. (Wounded) Williams, Henry W. D., Lieut., 4th Welsh
Williams, Rev., H. H., M.A., Chaplain
Williams, Rev. W. J., B.A., Chaplain. M.C.
Arnold, Adrian. 4th Welsh Hughes, George. 19th Welsh Page, W. A.
Arnold, Bertram. 4th Can. M. Rifles (Prisoner in Germany) Hughes, Rev. J. Chaplain Parry, William. Anti-Aircraft Section
Arnold, Sydney J. Sapper, 4th Canadian Railway Troops Hughes, Thomas. R.N.R. Perkins, H. G. Musketry Instructor
Hughes, Thomas. R.E. Postal Section Phillips, Cecil. R.N.R.
Phillips, Cuthbert. R.E.
Barkway, George. R.G.A. Phillips, Ebenezer J. R.F.A.
Beynon, Thomas. A.S.C. James, D. H. Labour Battalion Phillips, Fred. R.E.
Boulton, W. Staff-Sergeant, A.S.C. James, Edwin. R.N. Phillips, Harry. R.N.
Bowen, James. R.N.R. James, Ivor T. 19th Welsh Phillips, Wm Charles. R.E.
Brown, George. A.S.C. James, James. R.G.A. Phillips, W. T. Sergeant, R.E.
Butler, Charles. Corporal, Welsh James, Samuel. Royal Welsh Fusiliers Prance, Albert W. (15th Welsh)
Byrant, F. A.S.C. James, Samuel L. 13th Welsh (Wounded) Price, James. R.F.C.
Byrant, W. R.N.R. Jenkins, Francis V. M.T.S. Price, James T. South Lancasters (Killed)
Jenkins, George. R.F.C. Price, John. 11th Hussars (Killed)
Jenkins, John James. R.A. Prickett, John. R.N.
John, David. R.N.R.
Cass, Benjamin. 9th Welsh John, Edwin. R.N.R. Rees, Arthur. South Wales Borderers
Chape, William. P.O., R.N., C.G. John, Fred. Driver, R.F.A. Rees, Blethin Treharne. Major, Monmouths
Collins, John. Welsh John, Henry. Master, M.M. D.S.C. Reynolds, Levi. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Crouch, Albert. R.F.A. John, Henry J. 9th Welsh Reynolds, Thomas. Welsh (Discharged)
Crump, Fred. 11th Hussars John, Raymond, R.A.M.C. Richards, John. 9th Welsh (Gassed)
John, Thomas. 9th Welsh Richards, Thomas. Driver, A.S.C. (Wounded)
John, T. H. Labour Battalion Richards, William T. 11th Welsh
Jones, Edwin G. A.O.C. Roach, John. Master, M.M.
Davies, Albert. R.N.R. Jones, F. Tudor. Captain, R.F.A. Roberts, Arthur. R.N.
Davies, Arthur. 8th Welsh (Wounded) Jones, Godfrey. R.E. Roberts, Elmore. A.S.C. (Wounded)
Davies, E. Sergeant, 19th Welsh Jones, James. 23rd Welsh Roberts, Rev. F. W. Chaplain
Davies, Emlyn. 2nd Officer, M.M. Jones, William G. 18th Welsh (Discharged) Roberts, George. R.E.
Davies, George B. 9th Welsh. Croix de Guerre Roberts, Hugh. Gunner, R.F.A. (Killed)
Davies, Henry. 3rd Welsh Roberts, J. Master, M.M.
Davies, Henry James. Anti-Aircraft Section Roberts, J. Edgar, Eng. Sub-Lieut., R.N.R.
Davies, Thomas Rees. R.E. Rowe, Joseph. Master, M.M.
Davies, William. R.E. Lewis, Cyril. South Wales Borderers (Discharged) Rowlands, William. York & Lancasters
Davies, William. R.F.A. (Gassed) Lewis, David. 5th Welsh
Davies, William T. Royal Welsh Fusiliers Lewis, Fred Reginald. R.G.A. Sais, John. 2nd Welsh (Discharged)
Lewis, James. Corporal, South Wales Borderers Sais, Thomas. Welsh Guards
Lewis, James. South Wales Borderers (Missing) Sais, William. 1st Welsh
Lewis, James. National Service Sant, J. S. Sapper, R.E.
Lewis, J. F. A. Captain, 24th Battalion, Welsh Shea, Arthur E. P.O., 2nd, R.N., C.G.
Lewis, Mortimer. Royal Welsh Fusiliers (Killed) Silcox, E. 4th Hussars (Wounded)
Elliott, J. H. Captain, R.A.M.C., M.C. Lewis, Norman. R.F.C. Sime, John. R.A.M.C.
Ellis, James. Boatswain, R.N., C.G. (Invalided) Lewis, Santley. 14th Welsh Smith, George. R.G.A.
Evans, Edgar O. A.O.C. Lewis, Thomas. Pembrokeshire Yeomanry Smith, Lionel R. A.S.C.
Evans, Evan. Sapper, R.E. Lewis, William H. R.N.R. Spackman, Frank. R.A.M.C.
Evans, George Llewelyn, Edgar. Royal Welsh Fusiliers Stephens, Gwilym. Pembrokeshire Yeomanry
Evans, Gwilym. R.F.A. Llewelyn, F. D. Lieut. 67th Auxiliary Steam Co., A.S.C. Stephens, John. R.F.A. (Killed in France)
Evans, Hubert Morgan. R.E. Lloyd, Frank Morice. Sapper, R.E.
Evans, John. A.S.C. Lloyd, Robert. South Wales Borderers Thomas, Charles. R.N.
Evans, Robert. R.A.M.C. Thomas, Daniel Elias. Corporal, South Wales Borderers
Evans, William Francis. A.S.C. Thomas, Frederick Price. Labour Battalion
Evans, William. Labour Battalion Thomas, Gwyn. 18th Welsh
Martin, Lambert. Artists’ Rifles Thomas, G. John. R.N.
Martin, William. 3rd Welsh (Wounded and Discharged) Thomas, Hugh. M.T.S. (Gassed)
Martin, W. H. Captain, R.N.D. (Wounded) Thomas, Ivor George. R.G.A.
Faulaber, Henry. Corporal, A.S.C. Mathias, Daniel. A.S.C. Thomas, John. 13th Welsh (Wounded)
Frost, Joseph Mathias, Gwyn. 4th Leicesters (Wounded) Thomas, J. E. 5th Welsh Transport (Wounded)
Mathias, John. R.N. Thomas, John M. 2nd Lieut., R.E.
Mayall, Henry. Devons (Wounded) Thomas, John W. Bombardier, R.F.A.
Meledine, Fred Thomas, Oliver. R.G.A.
Gabriel, Arthur Meledine, James Thomas, William. National Service
Gauld, John. Pioneer, 19th Welsh Morgan, Gwilym. Driver, A.S.C. Tossell, Ivor. Captain, 10th Welsh M.C.
Griffiths, D. J., Lieut., Ordnance Corps Morgan, Henry. R.N.R. Tossell, Percy. R.G.A.
Griffiths, Harry. R.A.M.C. Morris, Fred. Machine Gun Corps Tossell, Sidney. R.A.M.C. (Discharged)
Griffiths, J. Welsh (Killed) Morris, James. R.E. (Killed) Tudor, Evan. R.F.A.
Griffiths, Peter James. R.F.A. (Wounded at Mons) Morris, Samuel. A.S.C. Tudor, John Owen. 3rd Engineer, M.M.
Gronow, Ernest Stanley. South Wales Borderers (Wounded) Morris, Thomas. R.E. Tudor, Lewis. R.E. (Wounded at Loos)
Gronow, Hedley Latimer. Royal Welsh Fusiliers (Discharged) Morris, Thomas J. Welsh (Wounded)
Gronow, Lemuel H. Lancasters Morris, William. R.F.A. (Wounded) Walker, Basil. Northumberland Fusiliers
Morris, W. Stoker, P.O. R.N. Ward, ? 4th Welsh
Morse, Tilson. R.E. Watkins, Henry J. R.A.M.C.
Mortimer, Sidney. R.N.R. (Wounded) Watkins, William John. National Service
Harries, Arthur. Devons Moss, Charles. 8th Welsh Watts, David. National Service
Harries, Clifford. R.N. Moss, Christmas. 12th Welsh Watts, James. Cheshires
Harries, David. R.N. Moss, David J. 6th Gloucesters (Wounded) Williams, Eustace James Miller. Lieut., R.F.A. (Wounded)
Harries, Hugh. R.E. Moss, Richard. 10th Welsh Williams, G. Checkland. Captain, Worcesters
Harries, James J. Lancasters Moss, William H. Royal Welsh Fusiliers Williams, Hugh. 13th Welsh (Killed)
Harries, Owen H. 5th Gloucesters Williams, Iorwerth D. R.A.M.C.
Harries, Sebert. M.T.S. Williams, John G. R.G.A.
Harries, William. R.F.A. (Discharged) Nokes, George. 16th Welsh Williams, John Perkin. M.M.
Harries, William. Oxford & Bucks. Light Infantry (Missing) Noble, William. Welsh Williams, Llewellin D. Essex (In Hospital)
Hart, William. Welsh (Killed) Williams, P. Phelps. Master, M.M.
Hartley, Thomas J. C.P.O., R.N., C.G. Williams, Thomas. Lieut., R.N.R.
Hicks, Thomas. 4th Welsh Owen, Elwyn. R.G.A. Williams, Thomas. 1st Welsh
Higgins, James. Boatman, R.N., C.G. Owen, W. Labour Battalion Williams, William Watts H. 2nd Officer, Acting, M.M.
Howells, James. 9th Welsh (Dead) Wood, Benjamin
Howells, J. H., Captain, 5th Dragoon Guards (Wounded) Wood, George. Royal Welsh Fusiliers
Howells, William. Welsh Wood, James
Wright, Fred. Royal (London) Fusiliers)
Yeo, Albert.