R.A.F. Talbenny was opened in 1942, becoming the home to No 4 Armament Practice Camp from December 1942 until September, 1945. The base was occupied by 311 Squadron, flying the Wellington IC from June 1942 until May 1943. 248 Squadron also arrived here in September, 1942 equipped with the Beaufighter VIC, leaving just two months later. 304 Squadron flew the Wellington IC here for several weeks at the end of 1942, when 248 Squadron took over from them, flying the Beaufighter VIC from here for a month. No 303 Ferry Training Unit joined them in March 1943, also leaving during September, 1945, and Talbenny also became home to No 11 Ferry Unit from September 1944 until August 1945.  Talbenny came under No. 44 Group in 1944, and finally closed in 1946. Talbenny Church houses a framed memorial to all of the aircrew from RAF Talbenny who lost their lives during World War Two. This page serves to commemorate these men.

R.A.F. Talbenny War Memorial, World War Two, 1939-1945

TO THE GLORY OF GOD and in honoured memory of those who lost their lives during flying activities from or at R.A.F. Talbenny and whose names are recorded on this memorial.

July 15th 1942    311 Squadron

787536 Sgt. H. Dostal, D.F.M., age 23. RAFVR Czechoslovakian Pilot.

82591 Flt. Lt. M. Cigler, age 28. RAFVR Czechoslovakian WOP.

787335 Sgt. J. Holub, age 21. RAFVR Czechoslovakian Air Gunner.

787081 Sgt. F. Dovak, age 28. RAFVR Czechoslovakian Air Gunner.

787088 Sgt. V. Orlik, age 25. RAFVR Czechoslovakian Air Gunner.

787612 Sgt. R. Pancir, age 27. RAFVR Czechoslovakian Pilot.

August 18th, 1942            311 Squadron

82587 Flt. Lt. K. Becvar, D.F.C., age 24. RAFVR Czechoslovakian WOP.

787359 Sgt. J. Drmelka, age 25. RAFVR Czechoslovakian Pilot.

787171 Sgt. J. Lenc, age 25. RAFVR Czechoslovakian Pilot.

787104 Sgt. V. Sobotka, age 28. RAFVR Czechoslovakian Air Gunner.

787885 Sgt. F. I. Sipula, age 28. RAFVR Czechoslovakian WOP/ AG.

787894 Sgt. P. Tofel. RAFVR Czechoslovakian WOP/ AG.

September 15th, 1942   311 Squadron

82520 Flt. Lt. A. Gabriel, age 20. RAFVR Czechoslovakian Observer.

787844 Sgt. O. Jebacek, age 24. RAFVR Czechoslovakian WOP.

68734 F/O R. Matejicek, age 29. RAFVR Czechoslovakian WOP/ AG.

787414 Sgt. J. Deradil, age 25. RAFVR Czechoslovakian Pilot.

83230 Flt. Lt. J. Dyvlt, age 26. RAFVR Czechoslovakian Pilot.

787884, Sgt. J. Simko, age 22. RAFVR Czechoslovakian WOP/ AG.

September 29th, 1942   311 Squadron

1322585 P/O P. Friedlaender, age 31. RAFVR Czechoslovakian AG.

October 16th, 1942          248 Squadron

1196247 F/Sgt. G.F. Hitch, age 22. RAFVR Pilot.

656794 Sgt. K. Jones, age 22. RAF Observer.

October 18th, 1942          311 Squadron

131535 P/O F. Bulis, RAFVR Czechoslovakian Pilot.

787458 F/Sgt. J. Blaha, age 33. RAFVR Czechoslovakian Pilot.

787452 F/Sgt. F. Dolezal, age 28. RAFVR Czechoslovakian A/G.

142325 P/O J. Jebacek, age 21. RAFVR Czechoslovakian A/G.

82640 Flt. Lt. V. Student, age 24. RAFVR Czechoslovakian Pilot.

131533 P/O B. Gissubel. RAFVR Czechoslovakian WOP.

87773 Cpl. F. Paclik, age 36. RAFVR Czechoslovakian FME.

788152 F/Sgt. J. Svec, age 36. RAFVR Czechoslovakian Pilot.

131534 P/O. A.L. Bunzl. RAFVR Czechoslovakian WOP/ Flying Duties.

787915 Sgt. W. Gotzlinger, age 31. RAFVR Czechoslovakian Inst Rep.

788193 Sgt. V. Rajecky, age 22. RAFVR Czechoslovakian A/G.

83237 Flt. Lt. V. Harika, age 22. RAFVR Czechoslovakian A/G.

787216 Flt. Sgt. F. Stoklasek, age 28. RAFVR Czechoslovakian Fitter.

787498 Sgt. J. Cech, age 31. RAFVR Czechoslovakian Electrician.

118529 P/O G.S. Leemans, age 49. RAFVR Belgian Transport Officer.

December 20th, 1942     248 Squadron

1118934 Sgt. J. Billing, age 28. RAFVR Pilot.

1048198 Sgt. A.B. Fawcett, age 20. RAFVR Navigator.

R.67252 W.O. H. Sharpe, age 27. RCAF Pilot.

1152181 F/Sgt. J. Fowler, age 22. RAFVR Navigator.

January 12th, 1943           311 Squadron

787345 F/Sgt. M. Cervinka, age 28. RAFVR Czechoslovakian Pilot.

131545 P/O. A. Holna, age 29. RAFVR Czechoslovakian WOP.

787343 Sgt. Z. Janda, age 30. RAFVR Czechoslovakian WOP/AG.

132964 P.O. J. Jelinek, age 22. RAFVR Czechoslovakian Navigator.

788126 Sgt. L. Kriz, age 30. RAFVR Czechoslovakian AG.

788149 Sgt. J. Stiess, age 28. RAFVR Czechoslovakian Pilot.

January 29th, 1943           511 Squadron

114382 F/O. K.C.R. Maskell, age 30. RAFVR Pilot.

Army; Royal Engineers

P15128 Brigadier V. Dykes, C.B.E., age 44.

P6266 Brigadier G.M. Stewart, age 42.

April 10th, 1943                303 Ferry Training Unit

131792 P/O. A. Perrott, age 20. RAFVR Navigator B.

May 28th, 1943 307 Ferry Training Unit

1027584 F/Sgt. H.E. Tyas, age 27. RAFVR Pilot.

1386980 Sgt. E.F.J. Oliver, age 22. RAFVR Navigator.

R.101981 F/Sgt. G.J. Rankmore, RCAF Air Gunner.

May 29th, 1943 114 Squadron

931715 F/Sgt. M.N. Williams, age 32. RAFVR WOP/ Air Gunner.

September 25th, 1943   303 Ferry Training Unit

1390572 Sgt. A.E. Carter, age 22. RAFVR Pilot.

1334969 Sgt. R. Whiting, age 20. RAFVR WOP/ Air Gunner.

R.98456 W.O. G.B. Wigle. RCAF Navigator.

J19354 P/O. B. McPherson. RCAF Wireless Operator/ Air Gunner.

1313141 Sgt. W.G. Prosser, age 21. RAFVR WOP/ Air Gunner.

1336888 Sgt. A.G.W. Wright, age 22. RAFVR Pilot.

October 3rd, 1943            3 Overseas Air Despatch Unit

131858 F/O J.E. Colyer. RAFVR Pilot.

1552315 Sgt. M. Punshon, age 22. RAFVR Pilot.

1264972 Sgt. T.H.W. Cheetham, age 23. RAFVR Navigator.

1316467 Sgt. H.G. Jones, age 22. RAFVR WOP/ Air Gunner.

1048364 Sgt. G.E. Williams, age 23. RAFVR WOP/ Air Gunner.

1239976 Sgt. A. Finnemore, age 21. RAFVR WOP/ Air Gunner.

October 11th, 1943          3 Overseas Air Despatch Unit

1330319 F/Sgt. R.F. Best, age 22. RAFVR Pilot.

1316742 Sgt. R.L. Whitlock, age 22. RAFVR WOP/ Air Gunner.

January 22nd, 1944          3 Overseas Air Despatch Unit

124450 F/O. R.D. Fearns. RAFVR Pilot.

A.416437 F/Sgt. R.J. Letcher, age 25. RAAF Navigator.

1324062 Sgt. J.C. Simpson. RAFVR WOP/ Air Gunner.

1144337 Sgt. J. McCourt, age 22. RAFVR Air Gunner.

A.409554 F/Sgt. D.B. Larkins, age 21. RAAF Pilot.

1250065 W.O. T.J. Mills, age 23. RAFVR Navigator.

1044457 Sgt. B. Stamper, age 22. RAFVR WOP/ Air Gunner.

January 30th, 1944           303 Ferry Training Unit

1144386 Sgt. N. Curry, age 21. RAFVR Wireless Operator.

1317546 F/Sgt. D. Kemp, age 21. RAFVR Pilot.

A.417273 F/Sgt. J. West, age 22. RAAF Air Observer.

August 22nd, 1944           3 Overseas Air Despatch Unit

1567324 Sgt. W.W. Forsyth, age 21. RAFVR Navigator.

1537020 Sgt. J. Pilling, age 22. RAFVR WOP/ Air Gunner.

February 20th, 1945        4 Armaments Practise Camp

J.14844 Flt. Lt. J.N. Punshon, age 27. RCAF Pilot.

1311989 LAC W.R. Tambling, age 26. RAFVR Drogue Op./M.Asst.