R.A.F. Dale was built between the villages of Dale and Marloes in 1941. It became operational in June 1942, initially it was to be named RAF Marloes. It was planned as a satellite to nearby RAF Talbenny, and was used by 304 Squadron from June 1942 until April 1943 flying the Wellington IC. Following the war, RAF Dale was decommissioned and the site became occupied by the Fleet Air Arm as R.N.A.S. Dale (aka H.M.S. Goldcrest).

Inside the Church of St. Peter’s, in nearby Marloes, is a framed war memorial scroll, which commemorates the members of 304 (Polish) Squadron, RAF, who died whilst based at Dale.

304 Squadron was formed at RAF Bramcote on 23 August 1940, then from 1 December 1940 it operated from RAF Syerston, as a part of No. 1 Bomber Group. On 24 April 1941 it was declared as operational, armed with Vickers Wellington Mk I medium bombers. On the night of 24/25 April 1941 two crews flew the squadron’s first combat mission against fuel tanks in Rotterdam.

The squadron conducted night bombing operations until April 1942 when, following heavy losses, it was transferred to RAF Coastal Command.

The squadron was initially based at RAF Tiree with its Wellingtons until moving to RAF Dale on 13 June 1942, under the command of Mjr nawigator Stanisław Poziomek, and began patrols over the Bay of Biscay. Seven crews took part in a thousand-aircraft raid at Bremen on 25/26 June 1942, losing one aircraft.

The squadron took part in many attacks on German U-Boats and on 13 August 1942 was credited with its first U-boat sinking. A number of gallant missions were carried out by 304 Squadron from RAF Dale, until it was transferred to RAF Docking on 30 March 1943, where the Squadron maintained its fine record.

The war memorial to the Polish men of 304 Squadron at Marloes commemorates 35 men killed during its time there:

304 (Polish) Squadron, Royal Air Force Memorial (RAF Dale)

June 25th 1942

P792037, Sgt. H. Kuc, age 29. Pilot

P1604, P/O J. Kramin, age 22. Pilot

P0191, F/O M. Dydziul, age 38. Navigator

P783875, Sgt. T. Kamyszek, age 32, WOP

P781144, Sgt. J. Wojtas, age 28. Airgunner

P781912, Sgt. N. Talach, age 26. Airgunner

July 11th 1942

P1706, P/O M. Mazurkieweicz, age 23. Pilot

P793332, F/Sgt A. Kosturkiewioz, age 28. Pilot

Second Lieutenant J. Pietraszek, age 29. Polish Army

August 12th 1942

P781303, Sgt. M. Omieljasko, age 28. Pilot

P0184, F/O J. Siuzdak, age 29. Pilot

P0770, F/O I. Maslanka, age 31. Navigator

P793787, Sgt. P. Drodziok, age 24. WOP

P780903, Sgt. M. Modrzewski, age 28. Airgunner

P784066, Sgt. S. Wojtowicz, age 23. Airgunner

August 20th 1942

P1954, P/O A. Zielinski, age 25. Pilot

P794191, Sgt. L. Ruszel, age 28. WOP/ Airgunner

P792047, Sgt. R. Jarno, age 26. Pilot

P0795, F/O L. Wasilewski, age 34. OBS/NAV

P794730, Sgt. A. Tycholis, age 20. Airgunner

P794786, Sgt. G. Gramiak, age 22. Airgunner

October 15th 1942

P0783, F/O A. Schultz, age 30. Navigator

P0978, F/O T. Skierkowski, age 26. Pilot

October 16th 1942

P1073, F/O S.M. Targowski, age 23. Pilot

P792266, Sgt. G. Twardok, age 26. Pilot

P0367, F/O T. Oles, age 32. Navigator

P792815, Sgt. Z. Piechowiak, age 22. WOP

P781558, Sgt. W. Mynarski, age 26. Airgunner

P793053, Sgt. F. Kubacik, age 26. Airgunner

November 1st 1942

P1347 P/O S. Krawczyk, age 30. Pilot

P1455, Flt. Lt. I. Skorobohaty, age 44. Pilot

P76625, F/O A. Szkuta, age 32. Navigator

P784042, Sgt. J. Rogala-Sobieszczanski, age 22. WOP

P1667, P/O M. Wodzinski, age 30. Airgunner

P780739, Sgt. Z. Sasal, age 26. Airgunner