The Pembroke Yeomanry, as the name suggests, was the Militia Regiment of the county of Pembrokeshire. Its origins began way back in 1794, when two troops were raised, the Castlemartin Troop, and the Dungleddy Troop.

Later, five independent troops were raised in West Wales; the Castlemartin Yeomanry Cavalry, Carmarthen Yeomanry Cavalry, Pembroke Yeomanry Cavalry, Narberth Yeomanry Cavalry and Haverfordwest Yeomanry Cavalry. In 1797, The Pembroke Yeomanry was to gain the distinction of having the only Battle Honour in the British Army to be won on home soil. The Honour, ‘Fishguard’, was gained when the Castlemartin Troop famously repelled a small French landing force near the Town. They also went on to gain further distinction in the South African War, when they formed part of the Imperial Yeomanry, against the Boers. This page is primarily intended to remember the part the Pembroke Yeomanry played in the Great War, of 1914-1918, and all information below is relevant to this part of their distinguished History.

Battle Honours

‘Egypt, 1916-17’

‘Palestine, 1917-18’

‘France and Flanders, 1918’

In the years leading up the outbreak of War, the Pembroke Yeomanry had been transferred to the Territorial Force, with its H.Q. at Tenby, constituting the Yeomanry for Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Cardiganshire. The Regiment was distributed as below;

A Squadron at Tenby (Detachments at Pembroke, St. Florence, Manorbier, Kilgetty and Templeton)

B Squadron at Haverfordwest (Detachments at Clarbeston Road, Newgale and Fishguard)

C Squadron at Carmarthen (Detachments at Whitland, Llanelli, Llandeilo, Llangadock, Pantglas and Llandovery)

D Squadron at Lampeter (Detachments at Aberystwyth, Tregaron, Llandyssul and Llanybydder)

The early part of August 1914 saw the Pembroke Yeomanry form at Penally Camp, near Tenby. Men from all over West Wales had been called to the colours in view of the outbreak of War, and the Camp was a hive of activity. Three Battalions were formed throughout the war:

1/1st Pembroke Yeomanry.

On 4 August 1914 were stationed at Tenby, attached to the South Wales Mounted Brigade. On 12 August the Brigade concentrated at Hereford, and moved at the end of August to the Thetford area, joining the 1st Mounted Division. Their next move was to the Aylsham area, with the Regiment billeted at Haveringham and Heydon. During October 1915 they were at the Cromer area. During November 1915 the Battalion was dismounted, and in March 1916 sailed for Egypt, where the South Wales Mounted Brigade became absorbed in the 4th Dismounted Brigade. On 2 February 1917 the Battalion merged with the 1/1st Glamorgan Yeomanry, and formed the 24th (Pembroke and Glamorgan Yeomanry) Battalion, Welsh Regiment in 231 Brigade, 74th (Yeoanry) Division. The Division fought throughout the Palestinian Campaign, where they were part of the force under General Allenby that liberated Jerusalem during December 1917. During May 1918 the Battalion moved to France and remained here until the end of the war in 74th Division.

2/1st Pembroke Yeomanry.

Formed during 1914, and early in 1915 were at Carmarthen in 2/1st South Wales Mounted Brigade, then moving to Llandeilo and Dorchester. In September 1915 the Brigade moved to the Yoxford area, joining 1st Mounted Division. In 1916 the brigade became the 4th Mounted Brigade. During July 1916 they became a cyclist unit in 2nd Cyclist Brigade, 1st Cyclist Division. In November 1916 the Division was broken up, and with the 2/1st Glamorgan Yeomanry formed the 2nd (Pembroke and Glamorgan) Yeomanry Cyclist Regiment, in 1st Cyclist Brigade. In March 1917 the Battalion resumed identity, now at Aldeburgh, and by July 1917 was at Benacre. By the end of the year the Battalion was at Lowestoft where it remained in 1st Cyclist Brigade.

3/1st Pembroke Yeomanry.

Formed in 1915 at Carmarthen, and then moved to Brecon. In the Summer of 1915 the Battalion was affiliated to a reserve Cavalry Regiment in Ireland. During the Summer of 1916 the Battalion was dismounted and attached to the 3rd Line Groups of the Welsh Division at Oswestry. Early in 1917 it was disbanded, and the personnel moved to the 2nd Line unit and 4th (Reserve) Battalion Welsh Regiment at Milford Haven.

Welsh Yeomanry at War Book

My book, ‘Welsh Yeomanry at War’, was published on 30 November 2016. It tells the story of the 24th (Pembroke and Glamorgan Yeomanry) Battalion, Welsh Regiment during the Great War. It and covers the interesting history of this battalion during its campaign in Egypt, Syria, and Palestine, and also its move to France in 1918 to take part in the great offensive.

After many years of part time soldiering as cavalry troops on home defence duties, the members of the various British Yeomanry regiments were asked to volunteer for overseas service soon after the outbreak of war. Officered by many well known members of the landed gentry, two of the Welsh Yeomanry regiments, the Pembroke Yeomanry and the Glamorgan Yeomanry, were amongst many who embarked for foreign service for the first time in their history during 1916. Spending the coming twelve months in Egypt during the campaign against the Senussi tribesmen, the two regiments merged to form the 24th (Pembroke and Glamorgan Yeomanry) Battalion, Welsh Regiment, which joining the 74th (Yeomanry) Division to take part in the historic offensive into Palestine that ultimately led to the liberation of the Holy City of Jerusalem after 400 years of Ottoman rule. After two years of hard campaigning in the Palestinian deserts, the 24th Welsh embarked for France with the rest of the 74th Division in May 1918; joining the Allied forces in the ultimately victorious 100 days offensive against the Germans. Much of the story of this battalion relates to the almost forgotten campaign in Palestine, which saw many of its troops killed and buried in the Holy Land, and also covers it’s short but arduous period in France during the 100 days offensive.

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Casualties Suffered by the Regiment

Many men who had enlisted into the Pembroke Yeomanry were posted to other units after completing their training, in order to rebuild the strengths of these units after they had suffered losses. Quite a large proportion of the men were posted to the various battalions of the Welsh Regiment; others were posted to the Royal Welsh Fusiliers; while others were posted to other infantry battalions, or even to the Royal Engineers and Royal Air Force. Below is a roll of the known former Pembroke Yeomen and some Glamorgan Yeomen who lost their lives during the Great War, which I have compiled from several sources. This roll does not include members of the 24th Welsh, only the officers who were shown as serving with the Pembroke Yeomanry at the time of their death.




Date Died


Private Ackland, Sidney 75295 06/08/1918 17th RWF
Private Anthony, William George 4376 04/11/1918 Pembroke Yeomanry
Private Bennett, Thomas R/3452 09/04/1918 Anson Bttn, RND
Sapper Bennett, Thomas Lewis 175528 20/11/1917 174th TC, RE
Private Bevan, Henry Lewis 5444 27/08/1919 Pembroke Yeomanry
Private Billings, William George 55564 26/09/1917 2nd RWF
Private Brown, Henry 56949 22/11/1916 13th Welsh
Corporal Brown, Hubert Reginald 359 17/03/1919 Pembroke Yeomanry
Private Byron, William 43015 12/11/1918 Pembroke Yeomanry
Private Caldon, Patrick William 75302 26/08/1918 14th RWF
Private Casey, William James 33166 24/10/1918 1st Hants
Lieutenant Clemetson, David Louis 21/09/1918 24th Welsh
Private Clewes, William 38835 16/08/1916 10th RWF
Private Cole, Lewis 75300 18/04/1918 9th RWF
Private Cole, Thomas George 263014 05/12/1918 11th Cheshire’s
Lance Corporal Cole, Victor James, MSM. WR/178798 27/09/1918 RE
Private Collins, William James 54843 24/11/1916 10th RWF
Private Corbett, William George 55457 15/03/1918 16th RWF
Private Cosgrove, Joseph 59842 23/09/1918 Pembroke Yeomanry
Lance Corporal Cox, Harry Percival 77230 03/11/1918 Pembroke Yeomanry
Private Dagg, John Stuart 75305 02/09/1918 13th RWF
Leading Seaman Daniel, Thomas George R/3441 08/10/1918 Haqke Bttn, RND
Private Davies, Isaac 54784 25/07/1917 15th RWF
Private Davies, John 75380 27/10/1917 1st RWF
Private Davies, John Cynfyn 55432 22/04/1918 16th RWF
Corporal Davies, Robert Thomas 36413 05/11/1918 Pembroke Yeomanry
Private Davies, Samuel 5346 25/03/1916 Pembroke Yeomanry
Lance Corporal Davies, Thomas 68852 31/07/1918 16th RWF
Lieutenant De Rutzen, Baron Alan Frederick J. 07/08/1916 Pembroke Yeomanry
Able Seaman Desborough, George R/3406 24/07/1918 Nelson Bttn, RND
Corporal Evans, David 55430 30/07/1917 16th RWF
Private Evans, Henry 55453 31/07/1917 16th RWF
Able Seaman Evans, William Stephen R/3420 31/12/1917 Nelson Bttn, RND
Private Evans, Reginald Charles W. 68854 03/12/1918 2nd RWF
Private Fender, Walter 28216 03/09/1918 2nd Wilts
Trooper Foxwell, Thomas William 2238 26/12/1916 Pembroke Yeomanry
Able Seaman Garner, Walter Brighton R/3423 28/10/1917 Nelson Bttn, RND
Private Gorman, Frederick Llewellen 55572 21/04/1918 2nd RWF
Private Guilfoyle, Francis Arthur DeM. 290469 06/11/1918 Pembroke Yeomanry
Private Hall, Frederick Charles 3436975 25/03/1921 2nd Lancs Fus
Corporal Hallam, Edward Douglas Maine 290338 05/12/1918 Pembroke Yeomanry
Private Hamer, William Charles 55437 18/09/1918 16th RWF
Private Hardess, Albert 75154 13/09/1918 2nd RWF
Major Higgon, John Arthur 20/07/1916 Pembroke Yeomanry
Captain Hoare, Reginald Arthur 19/09/1918 Pembroke Yeomanry
Private Howard, Victor Ballard 204255 16/04/1918 1st East Yorks
Private Hughes, William John 53479 10/04/1918 11th Cheshire’s
Private Hurlow, Albert Arthur 68869 19/02/1917 11th RWF
Private Jackson, William 20337 11/11/1918 3rd Connaught’s
Private James, George 55440 30/07/1917 16th RWF
Private John, Albert James (Bertie) 45482 22/10/1917 18th Lancs Fus
Private John, John Henry 127 30/10/1915 Pembroke Yeomanry
Private John, William 55464 15/01/1917 16th RWF
Private Jones, David 4614 25/01/1915 Pembroke Yeomanry
Private Jones, Evan Lloyd 91695 04/10/1918 1/6th DLI
Private Jones, Frank Egerton W. M/280337 23/10/1918 RASC
Private Jones, Henry 2133 04/05/1916 Pembroke Yeomanry
Corporal Jones, Leonard Cleeve 243286 07/11/1918 2nd Garr RWF
Able Seaman Jones, Owen Richard R/3421 09/04/1918 Hawke Bttn, RND
Private Jones, William 4603 04/12/1915 Pembroke Yeomanry
Private Jones, William Maddock 55684 04/08/1917 15th RWF
Lieutenant Karslake, William Reginald 29/12/1917 Pembroke Yeomanry
Captain Lambton, Edward 28/03/1916 Pembroke Yeomanry
Private Last, Evan 4825 15/11/1918 Pembroke Yeomanry
Private Le Feuvre, John Charles 238037 23/03/1918 13th Gloucester’s
Private Lewis, Thomas Richard 37060 27/09/1918 1st East Yorks
Private Llewellyn, Wynford 4954 29/04/1916 Pembroke Yeomanry
Private Lloyd, Gwilym R/3425 27/10/1917 Nelson Bttn, RNVR
Major Loudon Shand, Stewart, VC. 01/07/1916 10th Yorks
Private Marsh, Bertie 91701 31/05/1918 1/6th DLI
Captain Miers, Richard Henry Probyn 12/12/1917 Royal Flying Corps
Captain Morgan, David Lloyd Popkin 09/03/1918 Pembroke Yeomanry
Private Morgan, James Clifford 20049 06/09/1918 2nd Leinster’s
Able Seaman Morgan, John R/3446 13/10/1917 Nelson Bttn, RND
Private Nethercott, Edward Sydney 91709 30/05/1918 1/6th DLI
Private Ollier, Joseph 28228 20/10/1918 2nd Wilts
Able Seaman Owen, Thomas William R/3391 08/10/1918 Hawke Bttn, RND
Able Seaman Parker, Edward R/3448 28/10/1917 Nelson Bttn, RND
Private Phelps, Peter Thomas 4782 22/06/1916 Pembroke Yeomanry
Private Phillips, John Evan 337 12/08/1916 Pembroke Yeomanry
Private Price, Frederick Edgar 54801 27/07/1917 15th RWF
Able Seaman Pritchard, John R/3416 30/12/1917 Nelson Bttn, RND
Boy Rafferty, Bernard 290485 08/11/1918 Pembroke Yeomanry
Private Rees, Albert 4641 16/06/1915 Pembroke Yeomanry
Private Rees, David Roderick 68878 18/09/1918 11th RWF
Private Rees, George Ernest 55444 22/06/1917 16th RWF
Private Reid, Charles Richard Stobo 70388 28/10/1917 1st RWF
Pioneer Richards, Frederick John WR/150904 21/10/1918 RE
Private Richardson, John 28303 08/10/1918 6th Royal Dublin Fus
Private Roach, William 356001 13/03/1918 25th RWF
Able Seaman Roberts, Ernest Roland R/3435 04/03/1922 Hawke Bttn, RND
Private Roberts, Morley 290449 25/07/1917 Pembroke Yeomanry
Able Seaman Roberts, Robert William R/3417 29/11/1918 Hawke Bttn, RND
Private Roberts, Thomas 75328 18/09/1918 16th RWF
Captain Roch, George Powell 21/05/1918 1st KSLI
Lieutenant Rosser, Arthur 10/07/1916 14th Welsh
Private Scott, Robert 4338 09/01/1917 Pembroke Yeomanry
Private Seabourne, Charles 63259 30/09/1917 17th Welsh
Private Seidemann, Monty Maurice 56876 09/02/1917 13th Welsh
Private Southgate, Frederick 320271 21/04/1917 2nd Welsh
Private Speke, Harold 70386 30/10/1917 1st RWF
Private Swallow, William Henry 75331 16/05/1918 17th RWF
Sapper Taylor, Wallace Thomas WR/290315 03/08/1918 96th LROC, RE
Private Thomas, David Lewis 282286 10/10/1917 2/7th Lancs Fus
Private Thomas, David Morgan 201892 12/04/1918 Tank Corps
Private Thomas, David Richard 2023 03/11/1914 Pembroke Yeomanry
Private Thomas, Evan 5197 10/09/1916 13th Welsh
Private Thomas, John Samuel 359389 09/09/1918 Labour Corps
Private Thomas, Luther Jenkins 75162 12/09/1918 2nd RWF
Private Thomas, William 2181 11/01/1917 Pembroke Yeomanry
Private Treharne, Thomas Trevor 63045 24/04/1918 9th Welsh
Lieutenant Wakeford, Frederick Reginald S 25/12/1918 Royal Air Force
Lieutenant Watkins, Howel Cyril, MC. 23/10/1918 Pembroke Yeomanry
Private Williams, Arthur 55462 08/10/1918 16th RWF
Private Williams, Francis 93305 18/09/1918 14th RWF
2nd Lieutenant Williams, Hugh 28/07/1918 7th KSLI
Private Williams, James 4350 29/01/1915 Pembroke Yeomanry
Able Seaman Williams, Lewis Andrew R/3439 04/01/1918 Nelson Bttn, RND
Lieutenant Colonel Williams, Owen Hird Spear 09/12/1914 Pembroke Yeomanry
Captain Yorke, James Hamilton Langdon, MC. 27/12/1917 Pembroke Yeomanry
Private Williams, Sidney James 202990 26/08/1917 4th RWF
Private Williams, William Owen 36385 04/11/1918

Pembroke Yeomanry