The Cardigan Battery, Royal Field Artillery was a Territorial unit which had been formed during 1908 out of pre-existing volunteer units. Based, as the name suggests, in Cardiganshire, it drew its recruits mainly from the town of Aberystwyth. The battery formed, along with the 3rd and 4th Glamorgan Batteries and the 2nd Welsh Ammunition Column, the 2nd Welsh Brigade, Royal Field Artillery of the 53rd (Welsh) Division.

Mobilized in August 1914 the battery, as with all Territorial units, was manned by men who had volunteered for service at home and had no obligation for overseas service. Due to the expansion of the army and the Territorial Force and the forming of a second Welsh TA division, the 68th (2nd Welsh) Division, the 2nd Welsh Brigade was designated the 1st/2nd Brigade, Royal Field Artillery, while its second line unit, raised in Cardiff on 14 September 1914, became the 2nd/2nd  Brigade, Royal Field Artillery. The Cardigan Battery concentrated with the 53rd Division in the area of Bedford and Northampton soon after mobilisation and later moved to Norfolk and Suffolk. The 69th Division reached Bedford and Northampton by 29 April 1915.

The Divisional Artillery did not leave England when the 53rd Division embarked for service at Gallipoli during July 1915. It remained at Bedford and was rearmed before embarking for France from 20 November 1915 and concentrating near Pont Remy. The battery enttrained on 1 February 1916 for Marseilles, where it sailed for Egypt. By 22 February 1916 the artillery had concentrated at Beni Salama and came once again under command of the 53rd Division. It then fought with the division during its long and arduous campaign in Egypt, Palestine and Syria.

Casualties of the Cardigan Battery

The Cardigan Battery was exceedingly lucky to suffer very few casualties during the war., suffering the loss of only thirty one known men. Only six of these died while actually serving with the Battery: the remainder had since transferred to others. These men are shown below. If any more are discovered, this list will be updated.




Date Died

Serjeant Banks, Albert Edward 730967 11/08/1918
Bombardier Beck, Frank 730085 09/03/1918
Driver Bennison, Frank 730160 21/04/1917
Driver Brooks, William Francis 730158 18/11/1917
Bombardier Cartwright, Thomas 730060 07/10/1917
Gunner Clarke, Arthur 730385 29/04/1917
Gunner Corfield, Robert 1011 26/08/1915
Driver Cottrell, Thomas Richard 731008 15/02/1919
Gunner Cummings, David Lanyon 730501 16/04/1918
Gunner Davies, David Edward 730230 04/12/1918
Gunner Davies, Edward James 730295 23/08/1918
Driver Edmunds, Charles 730809 13/01/1919
Lance Bombardier Elias, Harold Cameron 730402 29/03/1918
Driver Evans, Thomas Davies 730701 06/11/1918
Gunner Evans, William Alcwyn 730711 12/09/1917
Driver Harvey, W 730133 19/04/1920
Gunner Haste, Charles John Victor Sealy 730903 18/03/1919
Gunner Inwood, Francis Edward 730367 15/06/1918
Gunner James, Harry 730139 23/12/1917
Driver Jones, John Emlyn 730076 08/02/1919
Gunner Jones, Leon 1028 21/04/1916
Gunner Lowe, Reginald John 730912 10/09/1918
Gunner Morgan, John Ivor 731220 19/09/1918
Driver Phillips, William Oswald 730605 26/09/1918
Gunner Plain, Joseph William Percy 730535 06/05/1918
Driver Rhys, Ivor Towy 730936 28/05/1917
Bombardier Roderick, Herbert Vincent 730094 04/11/1918
Driver Smith, Francis Henry 730243 20/11/1917
Driver Stephens, Albert Hubert 731018 25/05/1918
Shoeing Smith Wakley, George William 730584 29/07/1917
Gunner Williams, Leonard William 731038