St. Peter’s Church is the Civic Church of Carmarthen, and is situated in a prominent position in the arc formed by Church Street and St. Peter’s Street. There are several war memorials inside the Church: two separate memorials to those who fell during both world wars; another to the airmen of Carmarthen who fell during the Second World War; a book of remembrance for those of the parish who fell during the Second World War; and also several memorials to individual men, including to one man who fell during the Boer War. The Carmarthen Grammar School memorials are contained within a small chapel within the church and are on a separate page on this website. There are also several flags on display, including the Great War colours of the 15th Welsh, 24th Welsh and Welsh Guards, while one of the stained glass windows in the Church was erected to commemorate the life of local officer Paul Chancourt Girardot who fell in 1914.

Inside the entrance to St. Peter’s Church is a large wooden memorial which lists all of the Parishioners of the Church who served during the Great War. The memorial denotes those who fell by a red cross alongside, but sadly this mark seems to have not been applied properly when the lettering was regilded, and as a result many of the casualties are not marked properly. This would be easy enough to correct, using a gilded cross perhaps, utilising the names of the fallen on the Great War Memorial plaque within the Church as a guide, and it would be fitting if this was to be done when the board is next refurbished. The names are in six columns, totalling 346 men.

St Peters Parishioners WW1

Andrews, Jacob Dennis, Charles Greenwood, William John, G Alwyn Phillips, James Thomas, John E
Andrews, Walter Donovan, John George, D T James, Frederick Phillips, William H Thomas, William Isaac
Andrews, E John Devoy, John Gould, C A James, Albert O Phillips, D John Thomas, Ivor
Bartlett, A John Evans, Ivor A Gray, Hywel James, W Henry Phillips, George Thomas, Thomas G
Bland, Ralph Evans, Alwyn Harries, A H G James, R Holliday Phillips, Henry Thomas, Walter
Bland, Leo Evans, Benjamin J Harries, E A H James, Thomas Price, Alfred R Thomas, William John
Bland, Bernard Evans, J Barrett Harries, D J James, John Price, Ernest H Thomas, James R
Baskerville, A E Evans, T J Harries, Jonah James, Charles Peter, Dan Arthur Thomas, David
Baskerville, D G Evans, W E Harries, Benjamin Jenkins, Thomas Peter, David J Thomas, William
Basker, C A Evans, William Harries, William Jeremy, D John Peter, Daniel Thomas, Sidney H
Barnett, Thomas Evans, Isaiah Harries, Albert King, David Palmer, Thomas Thomas, William
Barnett, D Henry Evans, John D Hopkins, W G Lewis, A M Palmer, R Victor Thomas, Lewis
Barnett, Joseph Evans, T Colby Hopkins, David M Lewis, T Titus Palmer, D Henry Thomas, John
Baker, William Evans, Stanley Hinds, William Pugh Lewis, Ernest Pugh, Edwin Thomas, Myrddin
Belk, Ernest Evans, Hopkin Hughes, John Lewis, W T Parsons, Thomas Thomas, D D
Carpenter, A C H Evans, Arthur A Heddon, W J Lewis, D F Peacey, Thomas Fred Thomas, William G
Crossman, W H Evans, Thomas Heddon, E A Lewis, Johnnie Phelps, Fred Archie Thomas, Robert J
Collard, C O Evans, J Benjamin Howells, William Lewis, Edward Richards, Thomas John Thomas, David
Charles, T Ivor Evans, D Howell Howell, A Hewart Lewis, Arthur S Richards, Stanley L Thomas, Stephen
Cone, Andrew Evans, J Lewis Isaac, Morris Lewis, James Richards, H R Thomas, Benjamin
Curnick, Edward Evans, Horace D Jones, Hugh S Lewis, W Herbert Richards, Fred O Treharne, Brinley R
Davies, Arthur R Evans, Edgar Jones, W Henry Lewis, Thomas Richards, D John Treharne, William
Davies, Albert Evans, W Idwal Jones, John Lewis, W John Richards, Thomas E Thresh, Norman W
Davies, W C Evans, D Edgar Jones, John Lewis, J J Richards, Owen Thresh, Stewart G B
Davies, P V Evans, Lewis Daniel Jones, David Lewis, David Richards, Thomas J Tansil, F G
Davies, E Glynne Evans, A Reggie Jones, Trevor J Lewis, D George Richards, Elwyn Trott, Frederick William
Davies, Graham Evans, William H Jones, Ivor Lewis, Arthur Richards, J H Taylor, Dudley E
Davies, David Evans, Daniel Jones, T Arthur Lewis, J P Richards, Henry Taylor, Frank H
Davies, W H J Evans, Benjamin Jones, James J Lewis, David Rees, David Taylor, Edward C
Davies, John Ira Evans, W Sam Jones, William J Llewellyn, E Rees, Alfred J Williams, Vincent H
Davies, George Evans, Percy Jones, Thomas E Llewellyn, William Rees, William Williams, A Reginald
Davies, Samuel Evans, John Jones, E John Llewellyn, D G Rogers, Evan J Williams, W Daniel
Davies, D John Evans, Thomas Jones, Lewis M Llewellyn, George Rogers, Edward Williams, Percy J
Davies, Richard Evans, T Charles Jones, Robert J Llewellyn, William Reed, Leonard Williams, Harold
Davies, Thomas Evans, Thomas Jones, D Hugh Lane, W J Reed, Walter N Williams, J Meredith
Davies, E Dan Evans, E Llewellyn Jones, Johnnie Morgan, D George Rowe, Richard E Williams, Dan B
Davies, D Oswald Evans, D John Jones, Lewis Morgan, E Eynon Ruffles, John Williams, T Emrys
Davies, W E M Evans, William Jones, Bertie A Morgan, G Olney Spurrell, Hugh William Williams, Ernest
Davies, J Alban Evans, H Morgan Jones, John S Morgan, Charles Spurrell, W Roworth Williams, John
Davies, D Alfred Evans, David Jones, Ernest Morris, Phillip E S Smith, S Arthur Williams, Theophilus
Davies, Ivor T Evans, W J Jones, E Gwilym Morris, D Ernest Smith, Frank R Williams, W J
Davies, W Joseph Evans, Enoch Jones, Latimer Morris, H Spencer Stone, George W Williams, W J
Davies, D John Evans, Henry Jones, Evan Morris, G Trevor Stacey, Arthur Williams, David
Davies, David John Elias, Thomas Owen Jones, David Morris, Louis L Snow, A Courtenay Walton, Ruben
Davies, John William Elias, Winstone Jones, Lewis Meyrick, George Short, Stanley White, Howard B
Davies, David Elias, William Jones, Llewellyn Negus, George H Seillo, John White, Clarence L B
Davies, John Elias, C Carver Jones, Rees Norman, Guthrum Stark, Donald Wilkins, Lewis E
Davies, John Edwards, Thomas Jones, D John Norman, Charles Thomas, W Ivor Wilkins, Fred L
Davies, Seth Edwards, Gomer Jones, J Daniel Nicholas, Essex J Thomas, Edwin I Wilkins, John
Davies, J Ernest Francis, John Jones, Emrys Owen, William Thomas, William John Winter, Tudor
Davies, Benjamin Finch, Basil S Johns, J A Phillips, J Fred Thomas, Henry R Webb, William
Davies, J Tudor Griffiths, B Parry Johns, D S O Phillips, Ishmael Thomas, Arthur C Wright, A Stanley
Davies, William Griffiths, John Johns, P Vincent Phillips, John Thomas, Richard Wheldon, Emrys
Davies, J Isaac Griffiths, D J John, Alfred D Phillips, Benjamin Thomas, D J Webster, Charles
Davies, William Joseph Goldstone, Morris Phillips, William Thomas, John E Wray, Thomas
Davies, J Idris Goldstone, John Phillips, D G Thomas, Albert V Wray, F
Davies, D E Goldstone, Ernest Phillips, Thomas Thomas, T Price West, William John
Duckfield, A R Gambold, E V Phillips, Dan Thomas, L R Wilson, David
Dennis, James Barnett, William H